April 30, 2018

Could I have damaged the cable or the lcd inverter? PC works but RAMs total stays exactly instead of Rebboted and it did it again a little later. It should come out easily with a little slide to the left. Mike, In reference to 39 and It took me over 1 hour but I found the problem.

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Tried it, and examined for damage, but saw none. Soby these are lit and viewable on laptop LCD screen. Jorge, In this sony vaio pcg-k115s. As lost resort, I removed the CPU and installed it in a pentium-4 MSI board, and it worked just fine, so I believe sont motherboard or the power board are broken. But I am sure I recoonected it as it was before. If it should be solid i think it maybe a battery problem now. Will it be sufficient to try to blow out the dust without opening the laptop or should I try to open it first and then dust gaio This sounds like keyboard related problem.

But I now have no led light on the battery power monitor in the upper right hand corner of the laptop, also the machine keeps shutting down. I think you have some kind of hardware related failure. Also, sony vaio pcg-k115s you check your laptop with an external monitor?

If the laptop works fine with Knoppix, apparently this problem is not related to the inverter sonj or backlight lamp. Do you have Wi-Fi antenna cables sony vaio pcg-k115s there?

My charger checks out ok. I know its not in the hinges sony vaio pcg-k115s you stated, and could be the backlight invertor, but kinda want to start with the basics first and then take to a tech for the inverot if all else fails? It feels pretty solidly attached.

How to disassemble Sony Vaio PCG-K

Any help would be greatly appreciated. I vaioo inserted the self made sony vaio recovery disc into the CD rom hoping that the system migt reboot from the disc and it would fix itself but no luck.

Pcg-k151s you suggest any help in getting this resolved. Mario, i am assuming at this point it is the hard drive connector on the board… is that possible to replace? Sony vaio pcg-k115s a drop of sony vaio pcg-k115s thermal grease on the top of the CPU.

Find another adapter to test the laptop. So far I am on step If you break any connector on the motherboard you are screwed big time. Then I just pull up? Enter the BIOS setup sony vaio pcg-k115s and try loading default settings.

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Sony vaio pcg-k115s external video works fine, apparently there is a problem with the LCD screen pdg-k115s video cable. TEM, After installing the recovery CD, parway through, the system prowers down, and after repeated attempts, the problem persists. Remove one screw securing the bracket. If still no light, apparently you have a bad sony vaio pcg-k115s card. I want to install a gb Harddrive purely for more space.

Angel, Gave it a good blow out and clean but now it is back together again now i have found that on startup i get a continuous beeping sony vaio pcg-k115s lots of ;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; continuously typed automatically? STEP 15 Remove two screws securing the top cover assembly.

Did you check if there is BIOS update for your laptop?