May 1, 2018

VeriFinger demo application for Linux is available for download. Suprema BioMini Slim 2 fingerprint reader. Also, it can accurately detect eyelids and can be used to locate irises in images that are captured in both the near-infrared range and in visible light. December 12, Neurotechnology launches SkyBiometry spin-off company to deliver SaaS biometric identification and feature analysis. March 2, MegaMatcher Accelerator 2. July 17, New product versions are available:

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The new scanned identifies faces and moving objects, oce fx3000 scanner pedestrians from other moving objects in video surveillance systems. December 12, Neurotechnology launches SkyBiometry spin-off company to deliver SaaS biometric identification and feature analysis. SentiBotics enables the rapid development and testing of mobile robots and comes with software, sample programs, a tracked platform and grasping robotic arm, 3D vision, object recognition and autonomous navigation capabilities.

Repair the 10.10.00 Supply Memory Error on the HP 4240, 4250, and 4350

This blog is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Amazon. Supported devices Fingerprint readers. Fingerprint, iris and face biometrics can be used oce fx3000 scanner any combination, including tri-modal verification scanndr smart card.

Biometric standards support was updated. The SentiGaze enables oce fx3000 scanner use of ordinary webcams for sophisticated eye movement tracking and analysis through generation of heatmaps that can gauge the effectiveness of website or online advertising content.

February 21, MegaMatcher On Card 9.

Sincemore thanpeople have been enrolled in the system, with to new enrollments per business day. Top mySQL queries in 1. Read the case study PDF. September 9, FaceCell 1. Read Press Release…March 30 Neurotechnologija is pleased to announce that our results in the Fingerprint Verification Competition FVC achieved the highest oce fx3000 scanner when using the most realistic benchmark for real-world biometric applications, “Average Zero FMR.

January 10, MegaMatcher On Card 2. The single biometrics SDKs have scamner also updated: New facial zcanner points markup scheme introduced together with much faster oce fx3000 scanner points detection.

User grouping functionality enables companies with multiple branches to manage users in defined groups instead of as individuals.

Repair the Supply Memory Error on HP , , and

The new version includes: U scanners are now supported under bit Windows. December 14, Neurotechnology introduces oce fx3000 scanner subsidiary Biometric Supply. May 3, Neurotechnology announces MegaMatcher Automated Biometric Identification System ABISan integrated multi-biometric solution that is scalable, modular and customizable for use in national-scale identification projects using any combination of fingerprint, face or iris oce fx3000 scanner.

The subsidiary provides a wide range of scannsr scanners and other biometric hardware equipment. Zcanner new version features these updates: Multi-core processors support allows to increase object recognition speed by running several threads in parallel.

The SDK can be used to create a variety of interactive and entertainment applications, such as mapping an animated avatar on a user’s face or controlling the facial expressions of 3D digital characters. The company was founded in in Vilnius, Oce fx3000 scanner under the name Neurotechnologija.

September 15, Updated biometric products line. November 14, MegaMatcher 4.

Neurotechnology’s news: product releases and events

New GPS logging oce fx3000 scanner allow tracking of a user’s geographical location at each check-in or check-out oce fx3000 scanner and enable the application to track how many hours remote employees spend in different places.

Both products can be used together ice create embedded multi-biometric applications on a variety of systems and compact mobile devices. Improved blob-based recognition algorithm features faster learning and recognition time, as well as 2 times smaller model size.

December 7, NCheck Bio Attendance 3. April 15, NCheck Finger Attendance version 1. You can visit us here at booth Support for new liveness modes for facial recognition. Web user interface — the users can conveniently access attendance data via oce fx3000 scanner web browser and review historical check-in and oce fx3000 scanner data.

Object recognition products feature general SDK updates.

Multiple partial fingerprint oce fx3000 scanner can be efficiently merged into a single template with the new generalization algorithm. The program is intended for integrators who have developed solution using our technologies.

October 15, VeriLook Surveillance 3. Enriched Android support — a new multi-modal oce fx3000 scanner and new liveness check capabilities that provide support for custom liveness checks. March 12, NCheck Bio Attendance 4. The database duplicates search service based on MegaMatcher Accelerator is also available.

The new versions support development of Web-based applications, live face detection and incorporate MegaMatcher core algorithms for reliable biometric identification. FingerSuite oce fx3000 scanner will receive a free upgrade to VeriFinger 4.